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MyEnergyPro™ internet-based suite of energy
monitoring and reporting tools offers clients
customized, real‐time and historical energy data.

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MyEnergyPro™ DashPRO provides the public with real‐time, interactive energy usage and historical data to educate users on energy/water conservation and waste minimization.

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MyEnergyPro™ OpsPRO provides real-time energy usage and historical data for client buildings, building equipment and central plant equipment.

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MyEnergyPro™ RenewPRO provides real‐time energy
production, current weather conditions and expected system production.

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MyEnergyPro™ UtilityPRO displays monthly utility data, energy reduction data and incorporates a controls module for room by room setpoints and temperature.

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Case Studies

Case Studies
The City of Reno, NV, selected Ameresco to begin a year-long energy resource audit at all city utilities.
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